A Hong Kong Inspired Kitchen

A Hong Kong Inspired Kitchen

November 02, 2020

Our client has fond memories of his grandmother making ‘Field Chicken’ dish in her small apartment, in Hong Kong. This has influenced his cooking style and we co-designed a kitchen to pay homage to his cultural and familial heritage.

The design brief had two main parameters:

1) To specifically design around the practicalities of mise en place and first order of retrieval. This was translated through the overall planning of the kitchen, through rails to hang utensils and open shelves for an ease of reach of sauces and spices.

2)To celebrate the client’s cultural heritage. The colour palette of the scheme draws from Hong Kong’s ubiquitous jade green and a white and red checked pattern from his grandmothers flooring (also found in a lot of restaurants dating from the early 1900s). These were transcribed to the colour of the steel cabinetry and custom-made backsplash. 

Materials: Powder coated steel, blackened steel & salvaged rimu.







Photography by Samuel Hartnett.

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