Corner Shelving Unit

Corner Shelving Unit

April 23, 2020


View from the outside terrace. Photograph, Raimana Jones.

A few weeks after finishing the Beetle Taxonomit's office, our clients came back to me with a new brief:  to design a and build them a corner shelving unit, specific for their CD collection and apparatus.



Existing Shelving Unit.


The problem with the existing shelves was that the height between each platform was not specific to the dimensions of the CDs. This made it tricky to access a CD piled under. Their amplifier also took too much floor space so the solution we discussed was to raise it up to make more use of the wall.

The overall goal was to make that corner space feel lighter and less cluttered.



Initial sketch of proposed shelving unit with overall dimensions. Pencil on paper, Raimana Jones.



The second iteration of the proposed shelving unit. Computer-generated image, Raimana Jones.


The frame of the proposed shelving unit was initially going to be made with steel sheets with circular cutouts on the side faces. We concluded that the design felt dominating and not light enough.


The second iteration of the proposed shelving unit. Computer-generated image, Raimana Jones.


The second iteration, made with slim steel squares was successfully approved.

There was one little detail that was overlooked: "What would prevent the CDs from falling over"? the client asked. So I came up with the design of laser-cut steel plates that would be fixed on two of the side faces of the shelving unit. The key was to be in keeping with the lightness of the structure – something that functioned whilst adding character.

Side panelling profile. CAD drawing, Raimana Jones.


The final iteration of the proposed shelving unit. Computer-generated image, Raimana Jones.





View from the kitchen. Photograph, Raimana Jones. 




 View from the terrace entrance. Photograph, Raimana Jones. 



Close up view. Photograph, Raimana Jones. 


To stay sympathetic to the original rimu flooring and joinery of the house, the chosen timber used for this project was salvaged rimu. We were all really pleased with the outcome and the clients complimented that it added to the warm qualities of their house. 

 Front and side elevations.CAD drawing. Raimana Jones

 Schedule of components. CAD drawing. Raimana Jones