Designer/Maker: Celebrating The Messiness of Process 2019 - The Exhibition

Designer/Maker: Celebrating The Messiness of Process 2019 - The Exhibition

November 19, 2019


The Designer/Maker: Celebrating the Messiness of Process exhibition featured a range of some of our furniture and objects with key elements of the process involved in the making - from conception to fabrication.  It was important to communicate the key ideas and stages of construction behind the pieces displayed.

The main inspiration stemmed from the original exhibitions the Bauhaus would have, back in the early 1900s. A significant characteristic of these exhibits was that the design and fabrication processes were showcased and celebrated. This was a key quality I wanted to capture for the Designer/Maker exhibition.  


Bauhaus exhibition in Weimar, 1923 (Source). 

Organising the exhibition required a great deal of coordination with manufacturers and fabricators to produce the display components. About half of these were made by us.

Below is a series of sketches, notes and renders that helped me organise a timeframe of production and visualise how the exhibition was going to look like.


Designer/Maker exhibition display components planning process. Raimana Jones, August 2019.



 Exhibition Space Axonometric. Raimana Jones, August 2019.



Early visualisation render of exhibition space. Raimana Jones, August 2019.


The photographs below of the Designer/Maker: Celebrating The Messiness of Process exhibition were taken by the talented photographer, Samuel Hartnett.





This was an equally challenging and enriching experience. I've personally learnt a few things around the logistics of event design and management. 

Special thanks to Vanessa Coxhead from the NZIA for being so supportive of this event. Ateesh Patel, Zach Tucker and Michael Sheeran from the Ellen Melville Centre who were also so supportive and giving and helped me a lot with the coordination.

Thank you Josh Heares and Lucas Russo from studio 7 for helping me with the marketing of this event. 

To my family and friends who helped me pull this together, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wouldn't have been able to do this without you. The list is in random order.

Neil Birrell 

Cindy Lisa Duhem 

Hamish Vandervorst

Eugene Isack

Sylviane Jones

Marc Jones

Manu Jones

Melba Campinoti

Rachæl Claudette Williams

Alex Safran 


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