Twelve Intervals

Twelve Intervals

February 02, 2018


'Twelve Intervals' was a collaborative project among my friend Shannon Novak, and myself for the renowned event Headland Sculpture on the Gulf 2017

View of the sculpture from the ferry 

This sculpture explores an interactive threshold – how bodies transition from one point to another. In between, there is motion, physical engagement and a playfulness of colours and light. The work is a series of twelve hinging door panels attached to a plywood frame. Unique geometric incisions and colour surface treatment are applied to each door panel. In its default state, the audience can see all the way through the twelve doors to a vista either side, referencing Marcel’s Duchamp’s Étant donnés - a gesture that generates curiosity.

Twelve Intervals isometric drawing closed position



Looking through the peeping holes 


 Interior view of the sculpture

The work is then reconfigured by the audience as they move through the work and doors are closed and opened. The twelve doors are horizontally equally spaced from one another like twelve intervals of an equal temperament instrument waiting to be played. 

 Twelve Intervals isometric drawing opened position








CNC schedule showing the minimal and economical construction system of the sculpture. This was cut out of a total of seven 1200mm x 2400mm plywood sheets