Konini Road Kitchen

A kitchen inspired by the surrounding native bush and craft culture of Titirangi, whilst being sympathetic to the humble 1950s wooden-framed house it belongs to. The brief called for a sense of openness towards the lounge area, a large island bench for socialising, dining and food preparation, and clever storage solutions.

The dividing wall between the kitchen and lounge was removed and replaced with structural steel, which created more vistas towards the bush. The steel I-beams allowed for innovative use of space, suspending the peninsula, pivot lights, and a wooden spice station with magnetic jars. The result is a vibrant and productive bazaar-like atmosphere acting as the social hub of the house with scents, colours and rich, crafted textures stimulating the senses.

Open shelves and nooks were strategically placed throughout to create areas for display and high-rotation zones. Built-in elements such as sliding chopping board, a dedicated area for pasta making, integrated compost collection, and drain grooves carved into the rimu benchtop next to the sink were included to ensure seamless functionality and user-friendliness.

The kitchen design balances modernity and humility with a bold use of materials and textures, such as oiled, recycled rimu and hand-turned handles that juxtapose against the visual lightness of the steel components. The colour palette of the kitchen is inspired by the surrounding native bush, with a soft lichen hue powder-coated on the steel cabinets and deep red accents on structural elements evoking the pōhutukawa of Titirangi. Additionally, custom lamp shades designed and made by industrial designer Tom Lopes were created with black sand mixed into the clay as a nod to West Coast beaches. 

  • Year Built: 2023

  • Type: Residential Kitchen  

  • Country: New Zealand

  • Photography: Greta Van Der Star

Project lead & designer: Raimana Jones  

Makers: Mathilde Polmard, Raimana Jones  

Collaborators: Tom Lopes, Alistair Munro Design Company, Felix Turvey from Fisher & Paykel


Konini Road Kitchen