In the 1920s, the Bauhaus embraced a cross-disciplinary, collaborative, and designing-through-making approach to design. This revolutionised and unlocked new ways of working with materials which responded to emerging societal needs at the time.

Even after more than a century, the spirit of the Bauhaus lives on and is embodied in our approach to design. Based in Auckland, our combined workshop and design studio highlights materials and explores the domains of objects, spaces, and architectural design. As practical designers and hands-on makers, we believe that the most rewarding design outcomes come from physically engaging with materials. It is through this visceral experience that deepens our understanding and drives us toward inventive solutions and aesthetic possibilities. Our work spans diverse scales and budgets, always grounded in a material-driven approach.

To address today's environmental challenges, we promote and offer the use of native New Zealand rimu salvaged from old demolished houses in our work.

...we believe that the most rewarding design outcomes come from physically engaging with materials.

Our People

Raimana Jones

MArch Prof (1st Hons) School of Architecture, University of Auckland

Member of the Institute of Design New Zealand

Raimana, the founder of Atelier Jones Design, initially pursued a traditional architectural education. However, upon completing his studies, he felt the need to broaden his design perspective by immersing himself in materials and hands-on making. This decision led him on a path where he gained extensive experience in metal fabrication and woodworking. Through this journey, Raimana developed a profound connection with materials.

In his work, Raimana aims to express both the practical and artistic qualities of materials. He believes in striking a balance between the atmosphere created by materials and their technical characteristics. By embracing the constructive and poetic aspects of materials, he creates designs that harmoniously blend aesthetics with functionality. Raimana's deep affinity for materials serves as a guiding principle in his design process.

Raimana is also a Profesional Teaching Fellow at the University of Auckland - School of Architecture and Planning.

Mathilde Polmard

B.Des (Hons), Massey University

Mathilde is an experienced spatial designer with a background in residential and commercial architecture, installation design, and more recently, furniture and joinery design and making. Originally from France, Mathilde has worked in design studios in both Australia and Aotearoa, which she now considers her home. She finds inspiration in both the bustling nature of urban environments and the peaceful qualities of the natural world. With a keen eye for the small interactions within the spaces we occupy, Mathilde is constantly looking for ways to solve problems and improve the practical aspects of daily life. She values the exchange of ideas between different disciplines and finds her greatest satisfaction at their intersection.

Mathilde also teaches at the Womenzshed, sharing her knowledge in woodworking and craftsmanship.

Our Process