Design Services

We prioritise effective planning to maximise spaces, sustainable and bold use of materials, intentional functionality and storytelling through design.

At Atelier Jones, our passion lies in giving end-users a sense of agency in their space by crafting ambitious, functional and sustainable visions that deeply resonate with their values and everyday practical needs. We aim to create spaces where individuals feel a strong sense of belonging and happiness. Combining our background in architectural design with extensive experience in furniture making and metal fabrication, we excel in delving into purposeful details, utilising materials effectively and pushing the limitations of new aesthetic possibilities using state-of-the-art technologies. It is this visceral experience with materials that enables us to develop innovative ideas and tell compelling narratives through our designs and with a touch of fun and playfulness, we love adding an element of joy to every space we create.

Our Design Services

  • Full-scale architectural and interior design services for renovations in kitchens, bathrooms, homes, apartments, restaurants, cafes and small workplaces.

  •  Custom furniture and joinery design & build services.

Our design process