I Spy With My Little Eye

A temporary public installation for the 2019 Art Week's Changing Lanes in Auckland. A collaboration with Yosop Ryoo &Yohan Ryoo.

The project consisted of three custom built pods that were equipped with monoculars and were positioned on Lower Vulcan lane, in Auckland city. Peering through the monoculars gave visual to small wooden mannequins, dressed and posed in relation to its specific context. A playful installation that became an urban apparatus, catalysing the passerby's curiosity.

Materials: Steel and plywood.

  • Year Built: 2019

  • Type: Public Installation 

  • Country: New Zealand



  • 2021 Good Design Awards - Product - Commercial and Industrial : Winner
  • 2020 Best Design Awards - Exhibition & Temporary Structures : Bronze Pin
  • 2020 Best Design Awards - Spatial Design Communication : Finalist
I Spy With My Little Eye