Tidy Space

A humble 27sqm, self-contained unit that draws inspiration from the Shaker movement and a colour palette that aknowledges the surrounding native flora of the Tāmaki river.

The organizational design strategy of the interior came from the Shakers (also known as Quakers). The Shakers believed in the importance of preserving tidiness in their spaces by using furniture as organisational frameworks, which they built with precise intention and purpose. So, each area in the small unit would define the shape, scale, colour composition and the specific functionality of its furniture. The analogy used to describe the furniture in this instance is a form of ‘mini-infrastructure’, built to assist the human condition and one which would save its occupants from spending additional money on decorating.

The overall colour scheme of the interior was influenced by the surrounding context and to create a sense of place and a way to demarcate different areas within the interior. The Tāmaki River nearby has a unique mudflat environment that houses a species of native mangroves (called Mānawa in te reo Maori). So dark and muted green colours are reminiscent of the mud flats and the native mangroves, and a soft pearl blue mimics the serene quality of the tidal sea were incorporated onto the furnishings and cabinetry of the space. Accents of black, deep reds and light orange add nuance and energises the overall colour composition (and acknowledge some of the surrounding native flora and fauna).

  • Year Built: 2021

  • Type: Residential

  • Country: New Zealand

  • Photographer: Samuel Hartnett


Small colourful apartment