Adjoin Table

Drawing from the beauty of Japanese joinery, the Adjoin Table explores a new conception of dining and working through the innovation of crafted joints. The design involves both the architectural and furniture scale.

At the furniture scale, the legs are mortised and wedged into the tabletop, exposing the intricacy of their end grain. At the architectural scale, the Adjoin Table offers three different configurations that can be used for distinctive purposes. The initial configuration is a six-seater rectangular dining table. The tabletop has a split that runs halfway diagonally. By pulling these halves apart, they become two triangular modules with a scale intended for individual desks and a shape that can make productive use of corner spaces. By butting the two shorter edges of the modules together, they generate a rhombus-like shape. A configuration intended for socially dynamic occasions.

Characterised by modern lines and high-quality wooden workmanship, The Adjoin Table manifests both the aesthetic and functional qualities of joints grounded in a simple and sturdy construction.  

Collections: Desks & Tables

Type: Unknown Type

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