Terraced Concrete Vessel

The Terraced Concrete Vessel was created to inject a microcosm of architecture into the everyday home through architectural materiality, form and function.

A nod to Brutalist architecture, The vessel is designed with sharp angles intended to push the formal limitation of concrete and to offer visual elegance as shadows spill onto its terraced geometries. The vessel is originally cast into a CNC routed timber mould; this imprints the texture of the milled wood onto the surface of the concrete, imparting a tactile, rippled texture that encourages interaction with the object.

The Terraced Concrete Vessel is small in scale which allows it to be flexible in its placement in space. It could perfectly fit near a cooking station to hold dried seeds, herbs and nuts; close to a sink to act as a soap dish or on a display table to treasure small belongings.


280mm L x 170mm W x 60mm H


Materials & Finishes

Please note: We are able to make reservations for this design during the lockdown period. Please email raimana@atelierjonesdesign.co.nz to make an enquiry.  

Collections: Architectural Objects

Type: Small Vessel

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